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Helping you to reach the right customers for your business. Taking the hassle out of tech and putting the power back in your hands.

What We Do

It’s about getting clear with what your business is selling, what value you give to your customers or clients.

It’s also about getting in front of the right people, who will appreciate what you do, who will reach in their pockets. Folio Digital will help you do that. Find more of the right customer.


Your brand is more than your logo, it’s what you stand for, how you make your customers feel. But it’s also the logo and the colours you use. Your brand should help you build a connection with your customers, help them feel closer to you and your business, to increase trust.

And it’s something you can have fun with, get creative. Because without creativity where are we? Bored, that’s where. And once you’re all excited and creative, well we’ll need to funnel that a little with some strategy, because where are we without strategy and a process? Staring down the barrel of your Facebook page wondering what to post this time (believe me, it gets old fast! Unlike you because with all the creativity we unleashed you’re feeling younger than ever).


Search Engine Optimisation. Or getting found on Google better, as the cool kids call it. SEO isn’t a quick fix BUT if there are techy badness on your website then you’ll be suffering from negative SEO things. Like Google not showing your website to people when they search for your type of business or putting you further down the results.

But it’s ok because you’ve got some cool kids to call to help you fix the tech stuff and work on a strategy to improve your longer-term SEO. We’ll look at ways people are finding you or businesses like yours now and work on how to get those eyeballs to your business; because once they are there you can sell your heart out. And I know that’s important to you, because, business.


You know when you go to the supermarket without a list and you end up spending half the day trying to decide what to get, spending twice what you would have if you’d made a plan and buying the crap you’re trying to avoid (I’m looking at you ginger nuts) so you end up feeling stressed. Well it’s like that in your business if you don’t have a plan, process or strategy. So you can see where this is going.

By working on your business and digital strategy you give yourself a much better chance of getting to where the right customers are. You are ensuring that you are putting your energies and resources into the things that will grow your business and you just feel a lot less stressed. Plus it doesn’t feel so hard to push through those moments of procrastination if you know what you should be achieving and when.




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Let’s Work Together

Get in contact and let’s figure out how Folio Digital can best help you and your business. No more hair pulling or best intentions for your Social Media, Website or Business Strategy.

Pop your details into the form, don’t break yourself coming up with details if you’re not sure yet what you are looking for, we’ll figure that out together. And now have a cuppa and a wee stretch, we just don’t do enough of that really.