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Helping you to reach more of the right customer

Invest in your SEO today for better ROI than paid ads giving you longer term results.

What working with Folio Digital will do for your business:

Get in front of the right people.  Make the Right Impression.

A Website that Sells

Could your website be better?  Are you using the right language?  Targeting the best customers?


Where are you currently in search results?  Who’s ahead of you?  How do you overtake them?  What are your customers searching for?  And how do you get their attention?

Business Strategy

Let’s take it back to what are you sell and to who?  In looking at your business from this perspective we can see opportunities and how to deal with threats.

Your Digital Presence

Are you making the most of your digital presence?  What could you be doing differently to attract more of the right type of customers?  And how can you fit this into an already busy schedule?

Answers to all of the this

By Working With Me


(and maybe some podcast recommendations if you’re good!)

Folio Digital Features

What You Get

Branding Knowledge

Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Strategy

Website Planning

Lowered Tech Fear or Frustration

Business Strategy Consultation

Book Recommendations, but only if you like (Netflix Recommendations can be arranged)

Reporting & Documentation

"Rose did a comprehensive review of my site, pointing out the need for improvements, and gave me a very detailed ToDo list on how to make it better, it was just what I needed. She was also very personable and interested in the business and went well beyond the call of duty."

John Jordon Photography

"We worked with Rose on updating the town's website and social media. She's been so helpful and great about helping us to really look at our strategy. Her project management skills are great and she made us feel included and helped educate us on so much. Traffic is up and the town's profile is greatly improved. Thanks!"

Athenry Dev. Company

"Rose thank you so much for all your help and guidance. The forward planning and strategy is just what I need to get my business back on track."

Edel Garavan


Alison Richie, Polar Ice

What we learned from Rose regarding digital strategy for our businesses really helped to demystify the area of digital marketing and digital resources. I would recommend her as a trainer or consultant to any business looking to grow their sales through marketing and to get better control over those processes.

Eilin O’Carrol, Firmount House

Rose seems to know everything there is to know about websites. She is reliable, very service oriented and I couldn’t recommend her more.

Máire Daly, Galway 2020

Rose worked with us in Athenry on Galway’s bid to be European Capital of Culture. She was terrific, had loads of ideas, and helped us strategize to build our community capacity and work on outreach on the project. Needless to say, our project was a success and played no small part in Galway winning the bid.

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